About Dog Stars Inc
About Dog Stars Inc.

The NEW 21st Century Dog Training Method Where ANY Dog Can Be A STAR!
Founded by Expert Animal Trainer Bernie Yeszin and Jamie Hall, Dog Stars Inc. has taken dog training to a whole new level! The non pack leader approach has paved the way for a more enjoyable and humane way of building a kinship with our dogs, helping them to realize their full potential by not inhibiting them with the use of dominance. Dog Stars Inc. training methods have proven to work in a revolutionary way assisting canines in reaching their full potential as happy go lucky, healthy to the bone, learned and merrily sharing the road. Dog Stars Inc. is committed to the ideal that one can build a mental bridge and create a strong kinship with our loving canine charges without having to resort to inhumane and archaic methods. Dog Stars Inc. has produced star talent who have appeared in feature films, commercials and television series including:

  • "America's Got Talent" (NBC)
  • "Who Let The Dogs Out" (Animal Planet)
  • "Lucky Dog" (CBS)
  • "Leeza" (NBC)
  • "Pet Star" (Animal Planet)